Lady Waks – Radio Record In The Mix #392

Lady Waks – Radio Record In The Mix 392



The queen of Breaks is back again with another Breakbeat show for Russia’s Radio Record. Again with a fresh tracklist full of new promos and Breaks releases. This show also has a special guest mix from local DJ Lexani.






Lady Waks
00:07 Lady Waks & MutantBreakz feat. Rubi Dan – In Beat We Trust (Adrenalinez Remix)
02:32 Stanton Warriors, AC Slater feat Eva Lazarus – Dig Deeper (NYTA Remix)
03:59 Evan Gamble Lewis – Bring The Freestyle
07:59 Colombo – Fly by Night
11:22 Under Break – Red

DJ Lexani
15:18 Corporate – #Fresh
17:48 Obscene Frequenzy – Dig That Bass
19:43 Yo Speed, Wahuu – Fajitas
21:52 ilLegal Content – Show Me How Funky
24:44 Bubble Couple – My Name Is Bright Krow
27:22 Beatslappaz – Pause
30:14 Ty Dolla $ign – Blasé (Resist, Saber Remix) (aka Blase – Ty$ – Saber – Resist Remix)
32:37 Freefall Collective – Stay Calm
35:29 Motez – Down Like This (Iva & Outselect Edit)
37:09 Freefall Collective – Welcome To Earth (BreaksMafia Remix)
41:14 Ivory – Free The Beast (Breakfastaz Instrumental Remix)
44:02 T99 – Anasthasia vs Boys Noize – Rock The Bells
46:36 Freear (Slamboree) – Warrior’s Dance (I Want You to Get Mad Edit)
49:31 Mafia Kiss – Umy
51:43 TYOMA – Formation











Pecoe – Soundcloud Sessions Volume 1

Pecoe - Soundcloud Sessions Volume 1



Welcome to my new series of mixes concentrating on the better Breaks tunes that are available as a FREE download via Soundcloud. I have included all sorts of Breaks genres, Bass, Warehouse, Progressive, Mashups etc all in a higher tempo, so sorry no Ghetto Funk this time. Most of these tunes you can find as a FREE download in one form or another apart from a few i have re-edited or received as a private promo link. Hope ya dig, there is some great music to find if you do some deep searching ! 🙂

P.S. There’s a secret link at the end of the tracklist 😉







01. Robert Miles – Children (Stereo Decor Remix) Pecoe Re-Beat Edit
02. Audiotoxin – Andromeda-audiotoxin-2016-master
03. Keithmackenzie – Too-far-gone-free-download
04. Kirilliva – Cause-affect-x-plump-djs-yes-herd-iva-re-bump
05. Ibwtmusic – Mutantbreakz-come-around-free-download
06. Runthebreaks-official – Sonic-future-regrets-eztereo-mix
07. Richiek – Swankout-ultimate-badboy-strange-rollers-remix
08. Punksmusicfree – Adam-f-circles-nixon-vs-tobyone-refix
09. Kirilliva – Cause-affect-x-plump-djs-yes-herd-iva-re-bump
10. Kea-moll – Kea-moll-keep-it-real
11. Freq Boutique – Wind It Up (Pecoe Edit)
12. Dj_josh_b – The-feels-x-kyler-england-x-josh-b-dominate-n-take-me-josh-b-vocal-edit-masher
13. Spektramusic – Bubble-couple-liquid-is-liquid-remake-free-download
14. Leeroy-thornhill – Say-it-again
15. Freq Boutique – This New Love
16. Expandrecords – Shockillaz-bad-news-original-mix-expand-records
17. Pecoe – Pecoe-closure-vip 😉








SONEK – LIVE @ Treemendus Music Festival 2016

SONEK - LIVE @ Treemendus Music Festival 2016



Treemendus brings together people in the woods of beautiful Southern Alberta for music, dance, and enjoyment. It gets us back into nature where the trees mend us.

Originally Treemendus started off as a camping trip for a few friends and, because we could, we brought some speakers and lights. Then the next trip happened and a few more people heard and wanted to come out, and then the next trip more people came, and then the next, and so on. This happened until we could no longer continue seeing this as a camping trip and had to see it for what it really was, a music event.

This is SONEK‘s LIVE recorded mix from the Treemendus Music Festival 2016.











Pimp Squad – LIVE @ Peek Nightclub – Linda B Exclusive

Pimp Squad - LIVE @ Peek Nightclub - Linda B Exclusive



The Linda B Breakbeat Show has been running for 2 years now and in that time various artists from all over the world have produced some great exclusive mixes for the show and for Funky Flavor. The Pimp Squad recorded this LIVE mix for Linda B Breakbeat Show and for all you folks out there to download and have a listen too.







01. Colombo – Forever West (Dmoney Remix) Forth coming on Funky Flavor Music
02. Chevy One – Be king Booty (original Mix)
03. NGhost – Anunnaki (Dee Remix)
04. Dj D-Xtreme – Give me All ( Phat Kidz Remix) Funky Flavor Music
05. Freq Boutique – Dat Freak (original Mix)
06. Charlie Darker – Flip Trick (original Mix)
07. UFo Project – M.F. Breakbeat (original Mix)
08. JDouble – Diamonds (original Mix)
09. Lo Iq? – Voices (original Mix)
10. Freq Boutique – Shake it (original Mix)
11. Wes Smith & Goldillox – Alive (Original Mix)
12. TCube Projects ft. Odissi – Control (original Mix) Forth Coming on Funky Flavor Music
13. The Feels – Dominator ft. Sloom (original Mix)
14. Lakotah – FTW (Original Mix)
15. Breaksmafia – Red Hot (Original Mix) Forthcoming on Funky Flavor Music
16. The Push – it’s like that (Original Mix)\
17. The Push – Bringin it down (Original Mix)








Gregarious – Beach BBQ Volumes 1 & 2


Gregarious - Beach BBQ Volumes 1 & 2


A nice blend of funky jams in this one. Gregarious returns with Volumes 1 & 2 of “Beach BBQ” and sets the tone for a nice pre-party set.







1. J-Sound – Funk Upside Ya Head
2. WhiteBoiBeatz – Afrobreak (prod. Dj Deposition)
3. Tommy James And The Shondells – Crystal Blue Persuasion (Wood n Soo ReBoot)
4. Jamie XX & The Persuasions – Good Times (Wood n Soo ReBoot)
5. Armand Van Helden – Daaboodaa Munks (Wood n Soo ReBoot)
6. LL Cool J – Mama said Knock you out (Leygo Edit remix)
7. Redd Holt – Do It Baby (Ross Go Remix)
8. Jurassic 5 – Freedom (Ross Go Remix)
9. Mr. Ours – YMA (Alias Remix)
10. The Dogz Nadz – Whole Lotta Hands In The Air
11. discObeta – Bring It To Me
12. Defunk – Fire in her Eyes
13. Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like Its Hot (Basement Freaks Remix)
14. B-Side & WBBL – Blowin’ It Up








1. Deee-lite — Groove Is In The Heart [The Reflex Revision]
2. Zapp & Roger — More Bounce To The Ounce (WICKED CITY REMIX)
3. Jurrassic 5 — Concrete Schoolyard (SLY Edit)
4. Father Funk — It’s All About U
5. DJ Kool — Let Me Clear My Throat (X-ray Ted remix)
6. Skee-lo — Aint That Fresh (Phibes remix)
7. Razle Dazle — B-Boy Bubblin
8. Diago — B-Boy Funk
9. Decap – Taiwon
10. Zemerald — Wicked Drummer
11. Eric B. & Rakim — Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (Bobby C Sound TV — Good Morning Rhythm Hit)
12. Mastaryte — Saxamafunk (Canal dub)
13. Yanivi — Remember Me (Woman Of The Ghetto)
14. TWRK — Badinga (Mooqee Feel It edit)
15. Rufus Thomas — Funky Hot Grits (Rollomatik remix)
16. Public Enemy — Bring the noise (Phibes remix)
17. B-Side & WBBL — Back The Funk Up








DJ Peaceful – Nexus Origin

DJ Peaceful - Nexus Origin



DJ Peaceful has put up quite a few good mixes of the “Broken Beat” kind over the past few years. His newest mix “Nexus Origin” was just posted up on Soundcloud and has a variety of Breakbeat music through out, why he doesn’t allow comments and downloads on the mixes i’m not too sure. Kind of defeats the purpose really, still he does get a lot listens.







1) Hybrid- Will He Let You Down [Atlantic Screen Music]
2) Jenaux- Get It On
3) Ocular- Stay [Daruma Direct]
4) Bassnectar & The Glitch Mob- Paracosm [Amorphous Music]
5) Delhi 2 Dublin- Voodoo Selekta (David Starfire Remix)[Westwood Recordings]
6) Auvic- Inner Madness
7) DM- Stay [Selecta Breaks Records]
8) Corporate- T17 [Play Me Records]
9) DJ 33 Ft. BBK- Give It All [Ravesta Records]
10) Mariion Christiian- Star Tipping (Couloir Remix)[Del Sol Music]
11) Turntable Dubbers Ft. Doctor- Be There For You (T & Sugah Remix)[Nice Up!]
12) Wide Awake Ft. Jacob Banks- Love Me (Crissy Criss Remix)[Carrot Gang]
13) High Performance- White Stripe [Simplify Recordings]
14) Sigala Ft. Imani & DJ Fresh- Say You Do (Kove Remix)[Ministry Of Sound]
15) PlayfulFingers Ft. Budzza- Desolation [Abstrasension Records]
16) The Funk Fury Ft. DB- Memories [BBZ]
17) Omauha- Thor’s Well
18) Maksim Palmaxs Ft. Anya Hibental- Like A Bird [Morphosis Limited]
19) Michael Retouch- Electrosonic [Magic Trance]
20) Mimi Page- Healing The Trauma
21) Robert Duncan- Fired Up (FUME Bootleg Rework)
22) The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na Ft. Tom Thum- Word To Spread [Westwood Recordings]
23) Seven Lions Ft. Vök- Creation (Sunday Service Remix)[Casablanca Records]
24) CloZee- Anticlimax (Spoken Bird Remix)[Gravitas Recordings]
25) Delta Heavy- White Flag VIP [RAM Records]
26) DM Galaxy Ft. Q’AILA- Our Weapons